Anamma courses, March- June 2017

METAL SCULPTURING USING THE REPOUSSE TECHNIQUE Scheduled: March, 18  – June, 17 2017 Duration: 40 hours Instructor: Dimitris Nikolaidis For more information… CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY SEMINAR Scheduled: April, 3 – June, 26 2017 Duration: 36 hours Instructor: Anastasia...

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Leather / One-day workshop / January, 29 2017

Leather One-day workshop January, 29 of 2017 Duration: 6 hours In this one-day seminar, we will explore the techniques applied on leather and we will experiment with our material in various ways. In particular, we will work with different leather qualities. We will...

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Intensive course / Basic silversmithing techniques

 INTENSIVE COURSE / BASIC SILVERSMITHING TECHNIQUES January, 16-20 of 2017 Duration: 20 hours    This intensive course focuses on the theories and traditional techniques of silversmithing. It is addressed to those who want to discover the world of silversmithing...

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