Intensive Courses

In Anamma studio we organize intensive courses with distinguished artists from Greece and from abroad. Our aim is to present various perspectives, techniques and approaches to contemporary jewelry. These courses are short term, may be of a conceptual nature but they can also be about more specialized techniques for creating jewelry.

Linkages & Fasteners / April, 30 – June, 25 2018

- LINKAGES & FASTENERS - April 30 – June 25 2018 Duration: 36 hours Instructor: Paraskevi Kokolaki A basic way to link parts of a piece of jewelry involves hinges. We use them either to give motion to jewelry or to connect the parts that form a bracelet, a necklace...

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Patinas : Oxidations / 2-day workshop /January, 27-28 2018

-Patinas: Oxidations- 2-day workshop with Paraskevi Kokolaki January, 27-28 2018 Duration: 6 hours   Most metals coming into contact with the external environment suffer natural deteriorations / erosions on their surface, known as patinas. For example, iron gets rusty...

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