Anamma is a contemporary jewelry studio targeted both at amateurs and professionals who wish to learn and develop the art of jewelry. We rely on traditional techniques of silversmithing, but also in modern techniques and materials, in order to develop  the creativity that we all have inside, make our ideas come true and communicate, using jewelry as our main tool.

Our history…

As part of the “Kandarakis Sisters” family business, which operates as a silversmithing company since 1993, Anastasia Kandaraki, guided by her love for jewelry, decided to create in October 2011 a new department in the company, Anamma studio.
In Anamma studio we organize contemporary jewelry seminars. Our aim is to help the jewelers’ family grow, educate and also give a new perspective in jewelry as a means of art expression with modern techniques and approaches, while keeping the tradition alive.

Our philosophy…

The value of contemporary jewelry is not depended on the precious material from which it is made off, but on the idea and the message which it wishes to communicate. Thus jewelry acquires a symbolic significance, provokes reactions and becomes an open invitation as well as the beginning of a dialogue.
The human body takes on a significant role, becoming a place of expression and exhibition. Jewels are intended not only to decorate the body, but also to reflect the inner self of both the creator and the wearer.

Our programme  includes the following courses:

– Contemporary jewelry

The contemporary jewelry seminar consists of 4 separate courses (cycles). When completing all four cycles, participants have a complete picture about that kind of jewelry and are well prepared to study abroad.

– Jewelry design

This seminar is mainly for those who want to specialize in the design and (mass) production of jewelry. Participants learn to design jewelry with great precision in order to go into production.

– Casting jewelry & metal sculpting

This is one of the oldest jewelry techniques. Participants discover the plasticity of both wax and metal, as well as the process of making copies.

– Intensive courses

In order to show various perspectives of contemporary jewelry, we organize intensive courses with distinguished artists from Greece and abroad.

All seminars are suitable for adults, students, workers, amateurs and professionals who wish to learn and develop a modern view in jewelry.

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