Titanium / 3-days workshop with Dimitris Nikolaidis / June, 15-17 2018

-TITANIUM- 3-day workshop with Dimitri NikolaIdis 15-17 June 2018 Duration: 15 hours In this seminar, we will be dealing with a “demanding” and “rewarding” metal, the alloys of which are being used, among other things, in aeronautics and medicine. It is considered...

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Linkages & Fasteners / April, 30 – June, 25 2018

- LINKAGES & FASTENERS - April 30 – June 25 2018 Duration: 36 hours Instructor: Paraskevi Kokolaki A basic way to link parts of a piece of jewelry involves hinges. We use them either to give motion to jewelry or to connect the parts that form a bracelet, a necklace...

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